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No time to sit and read? No longer an excuse.

Digital audiobooks are now available from An Open Book!

We are thrilled to have partnered with to bring you the best digital audiobooks. You’ll find bestsellers and great books hand picked by An Open Book and other independent bookstores. You can easily listen on any device (phone, tablet, PC) as all our books are DRM-free.



How to Get Started (don't worry, it's easy!)

  1. Visit and purchase your digital audiobook. Use promo code LISTENUP 20% off.
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  3. Start listening. Sign into the app and download your book(s) to your device.



An Open Book Handpicked Playlists

Let me hear you say YA!
Being a teenager is never easy, but this selection of Young Adult novels is sure to make the experience a little more enjoyable, if not relatable. From the classics that have moved generations of teens to the most current and popular novels, this playlist has it all!


Great Books on Sale
Our best books at a great price. Don't delay as these deals will only be available for a limited time. Keep checking back for new books!


The Indie Next List
The Indie Next List, drawn from bookseller-recommended favorite handsells, epitomizes the heart and soul of passionate bookselling.



Some of Our Favorite Listens

The Aeronaut's Windlass: Book 1 of The Cinder Spires
By Jim Butcher

The first book in a new series by the author of "The Dresden Files" and "The Codex Aera" takes us to a decidedly steampunk-ish world, though 'aetheric crystals' are the primary power source versus actual steam. I was probably less than half-way through when I realized I was enjoying the story more than Dresden, even. Highly recommended. I'm eagerly anticipating book 2!


The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
By Neil Gaiman

This tremendous collection of assorted speeches, book intros, articles, and 'slice of life' stories is made that much more enjoyable by the fact that it is read by the author. Hearing his voice makes it more personal somehow. It seems not too far away from actually having a conversation with him. I especially enjoyed his apology to Stephen King's entire family for his vocal impersonation of Mr. King while relating a conversation they had.



An Open Book Staff Picks

The entire Mercy Thompson series (9 books) by Patricia Briggs has been a very enjoyable trip to an urban fantasy world where previously hidden supernatural beings are making their existence known to the general public. Mercy is a coyote shapeshifter raised in in a werewolf pack and is very determined to live her life her own way. Along the way, we meet vampires, witches, and the fae among others. While I've enjoyed every one of Briggs' stories about Mercy, I find myself drawn more to her Alpha & Omega series (4 books and a novella) which is set in the same world, though focusing on other characters we meet through Mercy. These stories happen concurrently with Mercy's.

ANYTHING by Terry Pratchett. Really. I mean it. I got started with his Discworld novels (the discworld is a round flat world supported on the backs of 4 celestial elephants marching endlessly in a circle on the back of Atuin the great space turtle as he swims through the universe). There are some 41 novels in this series, but the wonderful thing is they do not have to be read in order. Pratchett has a way of looking at life and the world just left of sideways and his humor has most often been compared to Douglas Adams (best known for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Unfortunately, Sir Pratchett is no longer with us, so if you've never given him a try, you've got quite a journey ahead of you before depression sets in that there will be no more stories from him. If you want a REAL treat, hunt down Good Omens, a work on which he collaborated with Neil Gaiman about the end of the world being complicated by a delivery room mix-up resulting in the antichrist being raised by a normal middle class family. Also, Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy brings my family to tears with laughter every... single... time.

Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy was extraordinarily surprising to me. To me, it had all the earmarks of typical "supernatural urban fantasy romance" that are so easy to do badly. A witch meets a vampire, with whom she will obviously fall in love, though this is strictly forbidden, blah, blah, blah. Imagine my surprise to discover an adult relationship of equals, where all the easy "turbulence" that is normally created by misunderstandings and lack of communication is handily sidestepped by the participants ACTUALLY TALKING TO ONE ANOTHER! This leaves SO much more room for what I feel are more interesting things like plot and character development.

On the nonfiction side of things, both The Female Brain and The Male Brain by the American neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine are fascinating studies of how and why our brains change throughout our lives because of the chemical soup of hormonal changes. Fair warning: you'll need a hefty resistance to the term "marinated". She uses it. A lot. To be fair, I couldn't come up with a more accurately descriptive word myself.

Any of Malcolm Gladwell's books are amazing as he deconstructs how we think things work and puts them back together in ways that just make you sit back and say "Whoa! Dude! That is so cool!" This is another set of books read by the author, and he does a masterful job of describing various tables and illustrations from the printed matter that are necessarily lacking in an audio format.


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